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Quanzhou Hotel

Quanzhou Hotel is known as Quanzhou Hotel, which is rich in historical and cultural heritage and excellent service. It was awarded the first five-star hotel in Quanzhou in 2004. Located in the core business district of Quanzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, the hotel enjoys an excellent location, “fashion shopping, close at hand”.

Walk into the spring wine, you are home!

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Hotel Quanzhou

Going into the spring wine, you are home.

“Cozy Room, Comfortable Experience”, “Deluxe Style, Professional and Elegant”, “Chinese and Foreign Cuisine, Competing for Fighting”, “Excellent Service, Casting Brand”

Our advantage

"Excellent service, casting brand". After more than ten years of hard work, the Quanjiu brand has won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign guests and has become an important window for Quanzhou to open to the outside world and to carry out economic, trade and scientific and cultural exchanges. Quanzhou Hotel has become a bright pearl, lighting Quanzhou. The hotel takes "fine, fine, in place" service as its management tenet, pursues the people-oriented service concept, and creates a warm feeling of "home away from home" for the guests of the four seas.

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Customer message board

The hotel is very satisfied, especially the front desk staff with special enthusiasm and patience, providing the hotel's hand-painted maps. The sights in the city are clearly marked. The attractions are within walking distance. The front desk seems to be a waiter special. Patience, according to my thoughts, recommended the line I like, here is a special thank you! Dim sum and fruit are also served at the hotel, and the local snacks are delicious. The room was very satisfied. The hotel also prepared Quanzhou's travel books in the room. The details were very good. The five-star hotel paid attention to the service. It also sent two books about Quanzhou tourism and culture prepared by the Quanzhou Tourism Development Committee. In short, the stay is very satisfactory, if you come to Quanzhou next time, you will also choose Quanzhou Hotel.

Ms. LiuSuperior Business Queen Room

I stayed for three nights before and after. I only wanted to stay for two nights, but it was too comfortable. I stayed for one more night. I didn’t want to leave. The hotel was very good for the trip. The hotel facilities were very good. The waiters were very good. Quality, regardless of the front desk, guest rooms, restaurants are very polite, especially the service of the room department is 100% responsive, immediately solved, very worried, but also handwritten warm heart letter, moved! At the time of check-in, the waiter will immediately open the door to haul the luggage, send it to the room, leave the store to help the good guys, put the luggage on the car and stop at the door, five-star service, very good! The hotel is also close to various attractions. West Street, Kaiyuan Temple, puppet show, etc. are just behind the back door of the hotel. The Temple of Literature, Guandi Temple and Islamic Mosque are also very convenient and very comfortable.

Mr. WuStandard Queen Room

The hotel is a service industry, but this one left me the most impressive impression. I took the book with me and put it on the table. I went back to the room and found a note and a bookmark. When I got up late in the morning, I opened a door and found a letter on the floor. I opened it and saw that it was a page when the waiter cleaned the room. Reminder; the third is that the main station provided a self-made map at the time of check-in, indicating the surrounding attractions, special neighborhoods, etc. It is precisely this homemade map that gave me great help. These details made me feel very surprised. Really a nice hotel.

Ms. JiangSuperior Business Queen Room