Talent recruitment

Front office:

 2 front desk receptionists / switchboard clerks

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the daily work of front desk.

2. Provide inquiry, check-in, check-out, collection and settlement services for guests.

3. Be familiar with hotel room sales policies and strive to improve service quality.

4. Be proficient in various businesses and skills of the front desk and provide accurate inquiry services.

5. Cooperate with the Department Manager to deal with the internal affairs of the Department.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, good image and temperament, proficient in Mandarin, strong sense of service and responsibility.

2. Boys are required to be more than 173cm tall and girls are required to be more than 162cm tall.

3. Able to adapt to shift work, relevant working experience in five-star hotel or above is preferred.

 2 concierges

Job responsibilities:

1. Strictly implement various work processes and work standards of the concierge department, and do a good job in customer service.

2. Be responsible for leading guests to the front desk to check in and check out, and smoothly send guests' luggage to or from the room.

3. Provide guests with information inquiry service and introduction to scenic spots, snacks and other services around the ancient city of Quanzhou.

4. Responsible for providing call car service, luggage storage and transfer services for guests.

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1. Good facial features, good conduct, strong sense of service and sense of responsibility.

2. Be good at communicating with guests and have the morality of love and dedication.

3. Hotel working experience is preferred.

House Keeping Department:

 1 Service Center Specialist

Job responsibilities:

1. Master the room status, send the room status form regularly every day, and notify the guest room floor.

2. Do a good job in information collection and data accumulation, and accurately answer guest inquiries.

3. Guests will send welcome fruit baskets to their rooms before check-in.

4. Be responsible for the registration, storage and disposal of picked up items and leftover items.

5. Be responsible for delivering goods required by customers.

Job requirements:

1. Relevant working experience is preferred.

2. Good health, good facial features and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Be able to skillfully operate daily office software, and have certain communication and coordination skills.

 Long term recruitment of room attendants

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the cleaning of hotel guest rooms, the addition and replacement of guest room supplies, and keep the guest room environment fresh and comfortable.

2. Responsible for checking out the guest room and reimbursement.

3. Responsible for checking and maintaining guest room facilities and equipment.

4. Responsible for effectively handling guest problems, complaints and emergencies.

5. Provide punctual, high-quality and comprehensive room service.

Job requirements:

1. Physical and mental health, hard-working, diligent and self-motivated; Good conduct, down-to-earth work, with a good sense of service.

2. Willing to engage in room cleaning and love the hotel industry.

3. Working experience is preferred (probation period can be exempted).

F & B department:

 Long term recruitment of waiters (Chinese restaurant / Western Restaurant / Thai restaurant)

Job responsibilities:

1. Make all preparations before meals, including environmental hygiene inspection, table and tableware decoration, utensils and tea preparation.

2. The reception of customers should be proactive, warm, polite, patient and considerate, so that customers feel at home.

3. Operate according to unified service specifications and provide services to guests.

4. Actively participate in department training and continuously improve service skills.

5. Actively cooperate with superior leaders and obey the work arrangement of the foreman.

Job requirements:

1. Love catering and have certain adaptability.

2. Initiative, enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Working experience in catering is preferred.

 5 kitchen workers (Chinese kitchen / Western Kitchen / Thai Kitchen / Shaowei / staff restaurant)

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the chef in the preparation of raw materials.

2. Be responsible for the production of dishes, skillfully use appliances, and clean and maintain equipment.

3. Prepare and cook ingredients according to food hygiene standards.

Job requirements:

1. Aged 18-30, hardworking, healthy, proactive and team spirit.

2. Good execution and communication skills, able to operate in strict accordance with standards;

3. Hardworking, have high enthusiasm for catering work, kitchen experience is preferred.

 1 vegetable washer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for cleaning all vegetables in the kitchen to ensure that the vegetables are clean and insect free.

2. Check the sales volume of all kinds of vegetables in the kitchen, decide the quantity of all kinds of vegetables to be cleaned, and ensure the normal supply of kitchen production.

3. Be responsible for cleaning the kitchen floor.

Job requirements:

1. Age 38-55 years old, healthy.

2. Hardworking and responsible.

3. Seriously do other things assigned by the superior.

 Long term recruitment of dishwasher (Chinese food / Western food / Thai food / staff restaurant)

Job responsibilities:

1. Store tableware by category and file to prevent pollution.

2. When cleaning each bowl and plate, one scraping, two flushing, three washing and four disinfection shall be achieved.

3. Put the tableware into the cabinet immediately after cleaning to avoid damage.

4. If any broken tableware is found, it shall be picked up and declared immediately and the cause shall be found out.

5. Be responsible for the storage of valuable tableware.

Job requirements:

1. Healthy and responsive.

2. Steadfast and willing to work, serious and responsible.

3. Obey the leadership and management, be friendly and kind.

Finance department:

 2 cashiers

Job responsibilities:

1. Be familiar with the operation of restaurant cashier software and settle accounts for guests within the specified time.

2. Check and receive the menu issued by the restaurant, print the bill accurately according to the menu, and ensure that each account settlement is fast and accurate.

3. Strictly review the reduction and discount, and memorize all kinds of discounts in the restaurant.

4. Work closely with site staff to ensure that all accounts are recovered in a timely and complete manner.

5. Undertake other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1. High school degree or above, aged between 22-38, good image and temperament.

2. Have cashier working experience and corresponding accounting knowledge.

3. It's a big Quanzhou hukou.

Security department:

 3 security guards

Job responsibilities:

1. Guide passing vehicles, ensure the safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians in front of the lobby, and make the front of the door unobstructed.

2. The service is considerate and warm. Take the initiative to say hello to the guests to ensure the safety of the hotel and guests' lives and property.

3. Keep good contact with gate post and parking lot post to make vehicles enter and leave in an orderly manner.

4. Strengthen patrol, deal with suspicious situations according to the situation or report to the superior in time.

5. General disputes and accidents shall be handled immediately according to procedures, and instructions shall be asked and reported in time.

Job requirements:

1. 18-40 years old, above 170cm tall, healthy and good-looking.

2. Be familiar with safety system, use of safety equipment, prevention and arrangement of accidents and emergencies.

3. Good affinity, veterans preferred.

Housekeeping Department:

 1 cleaner / PA technician

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sanitation and cleaning of the assigned area.

2. Ensure that the assigned tasks are completed according to quality and quantity.

3. Listen to assignments and arrangements.

Job requirements:

1. Male or female, healthy, aged 40-55.

2. Relevant working experience is preferred.

engineering department:

 1 boiler worker / plasterer / Carpenter

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for hotel maintenance.

2. Work with certificate and carry out maintenance at the corresponding position of the department according to the instructions of the maintenance order.

2. Stick to the post and carefully make all kinds of work records.

Job requirements:

1. Age 45-55 years old.

2. Good sense of teamwork.

3. Good character, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

Living benefits - including food, housing, physical examination and birthday benefits

Insurance benefits - five insurances and one fund (pension / work injury / unemployment / Maternity / medical treatment / housing accumulation fund)

Holiday benefits - legal holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave and monthly leave of 4-5 days

Training and promotion - professional knowledge and skill training

Bonus and welfare - monthly performance bonus and year-end bonus

Address: Human Resources Department of Quanzhou Hotel, No. 22, zhuangfu lane, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

Contact: Ms. Zheng

Recruitment hotline: 0595-28296053